Absent - Phillip, Liz and Amy

Who are our board of directors?

Director President- Kris Graham

I love to sit in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine after a lovely day of skiing chatting to other members and guests.  Did you know I also look after the activities and  snow sports for Kuanpipi and am actively involved in the Interschools competitions? 

In the near future, I hope to see our lodge continually being used more by our families and friends year-round, with ongoing improvements to the lodge and resort facilities.  I am very proud of both my children who also love the snow and are now full members of the Kunapipi community.  Other than skiing, I am very passionate about travelling. I spent 6 years back packing the world....but there's always more to see.

My aim for the lodge, as the new President, is to ensure we all have a shared responsibility and value the lodge as welcoming place to meet other members and their guests who are part of the Kuanpipi family.  With continual maintenance and improvements to the lodge the board is committed to keeping the costs as low as we can so families can enjoy a wonderful holiday together.

Director Treasurer - Ian Shaw

I originally started at uni to study engineering but then changed to accounting. I have been the treasurer on the board twice now, this time 3 years and last time 6 years and I have been a member of Kunapipi for over15 years. My favourite thing about the lodge is the comfort, ease of access and its solitude... especially in the summer. My favourite part of perisher used to be skiing, but now I love bushwalking and road cycling. I have a vision for the future of Kunapipi to be a full lodge most of the year with happy members and national parks people.

Director Bookings Manager - Elizabeth Cambourn

Back when I was in school I bought my grandfathers membership and have been a member ever since. I have been the booking manager for the past 4 years and on the board since 2013.

I have a large passion for skiing and the toasty fires at Kunapipi, my favourite thing about the lodge is sitting by the fire and enjoying the company of my family and other members of Kunapipi. I aim to keep the lodge family friendly as I have always enjoyed.

An interesting fact about myself is that I spent a year in Canada in 2000 on Rotary exchange!

Director/Secretary - Ewa Kretowicz

After a full day of skiing at Perisher, my two children find a second wind and spend the evening building snow forts and tobogganing on the hill behind Kunapipi. Their joy and laughter is infectious so my husband and I like to join them for snowball fights as dusk falls. We generally lose as the tactics, including decoys, double crossing, codewords and secret staches of snowballs are planned in summer.

Seeing the happiness on their faces as they laugh and play with newly-made and already established friends encapsulates why I love Kunapipi. It brings together my love of the outdoors, family and friends.

We are a family that loves to ski and enjoy water sports. We live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and on the weekends you'll generally find is at Mona Vale Beach. We were lucky to become Kunapipi members in 2022 after first staying at the lodge in 2021. In summer we come to Kunapipi to fish and hike with plans to include mountain biking as the kids get older.

In my professional life, I am a Solicitor specialising in Admin and Corporate law. I've worked for the Federal Government at both the ACCC and Treasury since 2018. Prior to that, I spent a decade working as a journalist and then digital editor for Fairfax Media.

I will use my skills to advocate and maintain Kunapipi as a family friendly lodge for the befit of members and friends.  

Director / Communications and Social Media- Amy Graham

Although I only officially became a member on my 18th birthday, some of my earliest memories are as a young child spending my holidays at Kunapipi; an interesting fact about me was that I was bathed in the lodge kitchen sink at just 4 months old! I have thoroughly enjoyed my 20+ years of visiting Kunapipi and look forward to many more years especially while on the board assisting with the growth and development of the lodge. I have been on the board as the media and communications director. I aim to assist Kunapipi and the team in growing a greater bond and connection between members and the lodge. Through social media, online communications and many more plans I hope to keep the 'family feel' and continue the camaraderie.

My favourite thing about perisher is the hot spring days over in Guthega (with lunch at the Guthega pub of course) and enjoying the fireplace and time with other members when you come home to share stories about your day on the mountain.

Director / Hut Manager - Mike Thomas

Did you know I have been a voluntary surf lifesaver at Avalon Beach for 23 years? I have also taught Nippers, Bronze Medallion and CPR. But my passion is skiing.

My first overnight at Kunapipi was in 1966 with my father, Harold Thomas. Many years later I took over his membership around 1980. I have been an active member of Kunapipi for 39 years only missing one season (the year of my HSC). I thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie the fire brings after a great day skiing Mt P, Sidewinder in fresh snow!

For 12 months now; I play a supportive role to the Hut Manager including maintenance and building works. Kunapipi has always been a family lodge. The Thomas family have had 3 generations of skiers come through the lodge, enjoying its hospitality and safe haven on cold wintery nights. I would like to provide the opportunity for future generations to experience this special place in the mountains.

Director /Membership Officer - Steve Hood

Our first experience with Kunapipip was the summer of 2004 at a work party right at the finish of the new extention and renovations, before we were actually members.  We were living in Normanhurst at the time and contemplating some renovations and extension work at our place. Mark Cambourn was our architect.  At the end of one of our design meetings, sitting around the dining table, having a glass of wine we mentioned skiing. 

Su-Gai's parents had a holiday house in Old Adaminaby, so we were going down there since 1983.  Our kids learnt to ski at Mt Selwyn, but by that time we had all grown out of that place, as lovely as it was, and were doing the 3hr round trip to Perisher car park from Old Adaminaby.  At that point Mark said, "have I got an offer for you". or words to that effect, and invited us down to the work party.  So we have been members ever since.  The enduring theme here, and one I subscribe to is the family nature of the club.  We love the summer, winter and work parties.  There is always someone we know there from one of those events, and underscores the family and friendly nature of the club.  Our grown kids and grand kids love coming skiing as well. 

Director - Vanessa Doyle

I have been a part of the lodge for my entire life.  My dad, John Verrell, along with members Denis Fish & Gerry Mifsud, taught me to cross country and downhill ski across the valley. There was many evenings filled with toboggan rides down the back hill all the way to the creek ending with soggy apres boots!

The lodge is filled with a lifetime of memories for me. Of annual trips away with the family & friends, of hot chocolates and marshmallows by the fire as a kid. As an adult, after a day on the slopes, I now enjoy a good glass of red with a cheese board as I reflect on the fact I am not as young or fit as I use to be!

This is my second round of sitting on the board of Kunapipi. I stepped away a few years ago to kick off our electrical business, working as an electrical apprentice with my husband Mark. It's great to be able to jump in now to help ensure we have the lodge for many more years to come for the next generations to enjoy.

We look forward to enjoying many alpine adventures with our two boys, Paul and Luke over both summer and winter at the lodge for many years to come.