Lodge Renovation Plans

As you may be aware, the Club has various building improvements in mind.  These include a new set of metal stairs from Wheatley Road to the lodge (no more digging snow stairs !),  a new deck off the kitchen/dining area opposite Yalara Lodge (think great place for apres in or out of season) and remodelling the old “games” room so it can be a ‘real’ bedroom with ensuite.  There are also additional plans to relocate the laundry and enlarging/improving the drying room.

As some of you may be aware some of our lodge renovations are well underway. The board members have been hard at work planning, organising and working at the board weekend. 

Renovations on the “games” room and old public bathrooms have started, creating an additional bedroom and ensuite to, therefore, create more flexibility with bookings. Please be aware we are still only licenced to sleep and accommodate for 16 people. 

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Water Chlorination

Water Supply System, NPWS will be chlorinating the water supply on Monday 25 November 2019. The Perisher Valley community may experience a chlorine smell and taste in the water. This should last about 24 hours and does not affect water quality. You may like to turn on taps in your building to flush the internal lines.

In conjunction with the super chlorination of the Perisher Valley Water Supply, NPWS will be carrying out investigation and maintenance works to the infrastructure within our reticulation system. This work will occur between 25 and 27 November 2019 and is necessary to maintain the viability of our underground network. While this work takes place stakeholders will experience short disruptions to their water supply. These disruptions will include:  short periods with no water, low water pressure, strong presence of chlorine and possibly slightly turbid water for short periods.